Five Interesting Hobbies To Help You Hack Stress

Stress. It’s almost something inevitable most of us are dealing with, from school students to single moms and everyone else. We\’ve explored them from using stress balls and trying to not throw them at people who stress us out to eating lots of chocolate cakes because well, stressed spelled backwards is desserts? But what we’ve forgotten is to simply tie ourselves to a hobby. And that too to one that’s definitely not likely to sing a lullaby. Here\’s five interesting hobbies that can help you unwind stress, and put on a fresh coat of self-care.

Buy a Diary.

When talking to someone about everything that bothers you seems like the last the last thing you want to do, using a journal or venting out everything on a diary can help you in ways you can’t imagine. Many health experts say that using a journal can improve your mood alleviate symptoms of depression. Although voicing your thoughts out is one of the best ways to get things off your mind, writing them can help you understand and gain control of your feelings. You don’t have to specifically allocate time for it. Type it on your way home in the bus or train or while you\’re having your lunch break.

Plant and Vegetate.

Another great hobby you can do to reduce stress is investing your time in your lawn. Yes, gardening is a famous remedy to tone down stress levels not just for the retired but for you too. Get a company that provides a tree removal service and cut down all the unnecessary trees and overgrown weeds. Decorate your garden and spend 30 minutes a day a week with the nature. The beautiful sight of flowers, the smell of rain on leaves and the sounds of birds and insects will promote relaxation and reduce stress. It’s time you get your hands dirty and garden away the stress.

Binge Watch Documentaries.

According to BBC, watching nature programmes can generate positive emotions and make you a happier person. Not only are you getting smart and learning something new every day, but reducing your stress in the most effortless way too. T.V is bad. The general perception about T.V and how it is influencing our character and apparently making us an angrier person, is what we\’ve been hearing from the childhood days. However what we need to understand is that it depends on what we watch. Binge watching education Netflix programmes, be it about the animal life or lawn mowing Bega, will certainly not make you dumber but help you gain unfathomable knowledge and develop mental wellbeing too.

Go Hiking.

Hiking is deemed to be a powerful cardio workout that has numerous benefits to your health, from lowering the risk of heart diseases to help reducing stress. This is possibly one of the best hobbies you can have, especially if you\’re one with a passion on seeking adventure. While the daily grind from sunrise to sunset can get you stressed out, hiking and climbing mountains might help you discover the gifts of the nature and find happiness in little things, with the fresh air recharging your lungs and your surrounding creating a soothing environment for your heart and mind.

Read Real Books.

According to a study in the University of Sussex reading can work better and faster than other relaxation methods, and reduce stress by 68 percent. However it’s wise you don’t resolve to reading books on your smart phone or other devices as work mails and other notifications are bound to distract you. Curling up with a real book, covered in cosy sheets by the window and physically turning a page means not only will you be able to release tension and reduce stress, but you will also know what it feels like to read a real book. In addition this hobby will help you forget all your troubles and plant yourself in a different world.

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