How To Keep Cash Safe In Our Homes?

Today everyone needs money for fulfilling their needs. Money is very overrated these days. Today’s article is about money, cash.We are moving to a digital world but we can’t deny the fact that cash in hand is still a necessity. We can’t move out without any cash in hand. Instead of digitalization, we still have to keep some cash at home and this is not always safe.

It is very important to maintain security, store and secure cash at a secure place. Here is the list of best places to keep cash secure and safe in your home:Install security camerasInstall security cameras at your home to keep a look on each and every activity going on.Buried in your backyardYou can even bury a box in the garden with cash inside it. Make sure to place cash in a waterproof bag and you must remember where the box is buried.

In your favorite bookYou can utilize spare notes as a bookmark for your favorite book without sticking them out. Your cash is safe unless the thief is a book lover. You can also use cash in transit companies for this.Opt for cold cashUtilize a freezer. Store the bills inside the freezer bag and place back in a stash of the freezer. Thieves have to be quite wiser to think of it. Use a mason jarYou can utilize an old mason jar to keep the cash. Make sure it is an opaque one, not a transparent.Inside the pocket of an old jacketJust choose a particular blazer or jacket or coat of yours, use its pockets to keep the valuables safe.

Another most preferred way is to store cash in lockers. Plenty of them are available in the market and these are shattered – proof and waterproof. They come with a wide variety of security measures such as being locked through fingerprints and special sets of keys. One can check for the appropriate sizes and the security features to be able to access the safes. Just also make sure that the safe is not in direct line of sight with anyone. Keep it in some covered space but it must be safe and accessible at all times.

General advice

Always keep your cash in waterproof bags, pouches, etc. And keep it out of reach of fire, water, and children. Do keep in mind which all places you keep the cash.So, these are the different methods to keep your cash safe in homes. Just make sure that there are no crosses unchecked while you do the same.