Monthly Archive: May 2017

Reasons A Small Town Life Is Better Than A City

Even though the city lights, sky scrapers and the busy streets attract you towards cities, there are some people who are reluctant to take up that fast paced life. Have you ever wondered why? You might think they are being stupid to live in such a small town with no career opportunities or proper higher education or even entertainment. But here are some very reasonable facts as to why town life is way better.

  1. Less pollution, better health

You would be breathing in clean air since towns are of course less polluted. You’d find that people living in villages are healthier physically and also emotionally, since their atmospheres are cleaner and stress free than cities. People are known to be happier in small towns at the vicinity of their homes rather than a rent serviced apartment in Hong Kong.

  1. A sense of belonging

No matter what city you live in now, it will never take the place of the village you spent your childhood in. you’d come swinging back one day, hoping to spend your last days in the comfort of your own home. The neighbouring shop, the school building, post office, market etc. are special places to you since they have left a mark in your life. The specialty of small towns is that everyone knows everyone, so when you walk to the bread store in the morning, you are sure to get a few ‘good mornings’ by familiar faces on the way.

  1. Less cost of living

If you are running low on the finance department, well then a small town is the best place to crash. You could get most of the things for a much cheaper price than in cities. Since most town and villages grow their own crops, food is abundant. Rentals of houses are lower than an apartment in cities. You could save up heaps for your future endeavors. Look into serviced suite in Causeway Bay.

  1. Security

Since everyone knows everyone, nobody would dare to steal out of your house in small town. Or, if your child got lost in a small town, he would probably be returned in no time since people are very helpful, especially since they know you; unlike in cities where your kid has probably been kidnapped.

  1. Leisure

In cities you’d see people paying for leisure; at movie theatres or concerts. However in small towns, people enjoy life by engaging in their hobbies such as reading a favourite book out on the deck while sipping a cup of hot tea. The calm and quiet environment itself gives you immense pleasure than a screaming rock concert.