Monthly Archive: February 2017

Employees Are More Than Numbers

We come across different research companies using employee head count to come up with different business statistics like seat costs, administration costs, and employee costs. For example, if you look at the number of employees in a company and the amount that they spend on each employee to facilitate them with networking, computer hardware and other programs to work on, they have a quite positive relationship as they move up in scale of business operation and on the other hand some companies have a negative relationship where the cost per head will reduce as they gain economies of scale.

Although we look at employees in terms of numbers and several different symbols when making predictions or calculation of costs, that shouldn’t always be the case as well. We hear a lot of good things about having a HRIS system in the company and how much it could help a business to reduce cost of operations, improve the file maintenance process, improve decision making and sharing of information across the organization. However this read will focus on few of those areas that you may have to put more focus on when it comes to employee management methods which are computerized. It works in certain ways that several aspects could be in question and here are some of those points that maybe useful in ensuring that your system delivers optimum value to you.

Less interaction

When all the information a manager needs with regard to education, experience and any other certifications obtained by employees are stored in one place, the seniors will less likely to interact as much to get information from people. They will rely on whatever that is shared on the system causing the colleagues to interact lesser by the day.

Employee Privacy

A payroll outsourcing will store or hold a lot of employee information ranging from its personal data to the bank details and other security numbers that are quite confidential to them. There will be people who walk into these divisions as interns and will also have access to such information as they will be used in certain operational activities. When working on a computerized method where everything will be easily accessible with mere clicks, people tend to snoop around a little more with information than when dealing with a filing system. Also, if there is any identity theft situation that arises, all the data stored will be leaked out to the hacker where employee privacy will be violated.

These are some of the ways that a business adopting such new systems could question its performance. Employees cannot be just viewed in a set of numbers like you look at profits, it has to be dealt with much more concern.